Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • Leveling Course
  • (2) Photocopy of Identity Card
  • Photocopy of Bachelors Degree
  • Carnet Type Photo
  • Original Study Certificate Visited by the MEC or zone supervision
  • Leveling Course
  • (2) Authenticated photocopies of Identity Document x Paraguayan Notary Public.
  • (2) Photocopies of admission card temporary (mandatory to process legalization of historical)
  • School History of the Middle Season - 2nd. Original grade with; (6 month term) for delivery of the historic)
  • Official MEC stamp of the country of origin or Nucleus of the Region
  • Apostilled by Enabled Cartorio
  • Resolution and Legalization of the MEC of the Paraguay (Asunción)

Registration: 1st installment of the month + 100,000Gs tariff.
In the fee Includes: Internal Regulations of the Faculty Access to the Library and other Benefits + student card

Enrollment 1ro 2do 3ro 4to 5to 6to
Gs. 1.600.000 Gs. 1.600.000 Gs. 1.750.000 Gs. 1.900.000 Gs. 1.600.000 Gs. 2.050.000 Gs. 2.250.000

Obs: precios sujetos a modificaciones según resoluciones de la administración

  • 1st Chance Gs. 120.000