Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Rotary Internship, within the Medicine Career of the Private University of the East, is incorporated as a compulsory and indispensable period for the integration and consolidation of the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the first five years of the course, thus seeking affirmation of the attitudes and values ​​of the exercise of general medicine. During this stage students are expected to develop the necessary clinical skills, through the care activity that takes place in the second level care hospitals and in the first level units, under the continuous tutoring of specialized doctors In these training activities The Career will share responsibilities with the Health Institutions with which it signs agreements in a legal and regulatory framework. With this program it is expected that the internal doctors at the end of their year of internship, have the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and humanistic values ​​that contribute to form the necessary clinical competences to offer a comprehensive quality care to the population and that allow them to perform optimally in the exercise of their profession.