Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences

Graduate profile will be understood as the specification of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that define what to do for the professional Lawyer. For this purpose, the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of the Universidad Privada del Este proposes that at the end of the law degree the graduate:

  • Communicate efficiently orally and in writing in the official languages of the Country.
  • Manage the doctrines or legal currents that support the various areas of knowledge of the Law.
  • Know the general principles of law and legal system.
  • Write and express legal arguments to affirm, refute interest in conflicts and in order to legal content.
  • Exercises his work as a jurist ensuring compliance with the laws, and can also work as a teacher.
  • Show professional and ethical responsibility in the performance of your profession.
  • Promote the preservation of the environment and social equity.
  • Adjust your behavior to ethical values and comply with the codes of ethics of the legal field.