Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences

The Statute of the UPE

Private University of the East, is the norm that regulates the operation of institutional life, defines its nature, establishes its governing bodies and institutes the various positions: academic, technical and administrative, with its attributions and obligations. It was approved by Decree No. 13039 of the Executive Power, dated March 26, 1982; consists of 20 chapters and 111 articles.

Internal Regulations

The Internal Regulations of the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of the Private University of the East, establishes the principles, values, goals and objectives that govern institutional life. It also regulates the form of government, the academic organization, the teaching categories, the rights and obligations of the different estates, the system of evaluation and promotion of students, among others.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics establishes the norms of ethical conduct to which the behavior of all members of the academic community must be adjusted, respecting the dignity and integrity of each one of them. It highlights the supreme value of people, their rights and values their behavior according to the values assumed by the Faculty. It pursues as an end the harmonious coexistence of all members with respect and cordiality.

Chairs Manual

The Chairs Manual is a document that contains pedagogical guidelines for planning, conducting and evaluating learning. It establishes the methodological approaches of the classroom activities, the didactic moments of the learning meetings and the evaluation system that governs the Faculty.

The UPE Functions Manual

Private University of the East, was approved by Resolution No. 31/2001 (Act No. 71 of October 16, 2001) by the University Superior Council of the UPE. It establishes the academic and administrative functions of the UPE Officials, Technicians, Officials and Employees.