Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences

Curricular mesh

It has a modern and versatile curricular mesh congruent with the permanent advance of the Legal Sciences, with core and optional subjects, whose last adjustment has been the year 2015.

Teaching system

The teaching-learning method of Law is carried out, according to what is established in the Internal Regulation, being the THEORICAL study 60% and PRACTICAL 40%, of all the subjects from the first course to the fifth year within the system of the STUDY OF THE RIGHT FOR COMPETITION.

Training and continuing education of Law Teachers:

Teachers receive continuous training in graduate courses (training), specialization, masters and doctorates, directly from the Postgraduate Area of the Faculty of Law since 2000, systematically .

Organizational Reengineering

The Faculty of Law has gone through various stages of organizational changes, especially since the preparation of the INSTITUTIONAL STRATEGIC PLAN-PEI (2010-2019) that is in continuous execution, a guideline document that it has motivated permanent adjustments in favor of a rational constant reformulation of the administrative and academic management activities related to the dimensions that they keep with teaching methods, university extension and research.