Master in sciences of the education

Faculty of Education Sciences

Future candidates to enter the Bachelor of Science in Education must have the following characteristics:

  • Analysis capacity
  • Good use of verbal and written language
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Strong social commitment
  • Great service vocation
  • Initiative and creativity
  • To verify these features, intelligence and personality tests will be applied to the applicants. These will not be exclusive but will serve as the basis for the leveling courses that will be taught at the beginning of the race.

    The student who graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Education will be able to know:

    • The theoretical framework in epistemology, psychology, sociology and other disciplines.
    • Business training models for: workers, employees, middle managers and managers. Educational training models for students, teachers and managers.
    • Massive means of communication and use of new technologies in the classroom.
    • Educational organizations, educational policies and international and national education systems.
    • Modalities of education, among which is formal, non-formal, rural, urban, open and distance.
    • Evaluation models of learning, teaching practice in the classroom, institutional, plans and programs of study.
    • Various research techniques of a qualitative, quantitative or pragmatic nature.