Master in sciences of the education

Faculty of Education Sciences

Graduates in Educational Sciences will be able to:

  1. Intervene and develop creatively and innovatively in management processes, administration and educational policy in public and/or private educational institutions, entities and institutions, formal and non-formal, through the application of socio-educational, psycho-pedagogical models and business.

  2. Identify and solve problems of educational and business institutions in the field of training and education through the participation and coordination of academic and interdisciplinary work teams.

  3. Plan, direct and evaluate the educational practices with the mastery of the didactic components, the psychopedagogical foundations and the integration of the educational technology to create learning environments that contribute to the educational quality.

  4. Identify and analyze the different contexts in which educational practices are developed: formal and informal, public, private, business, social, community, urban, rural, to work in any of these and in changing situations and difficult.

  5. Investigate and intervene in educational problems based on different theoretical-methodological approaches in research projects to contribute to educational improvement, in local, regional, national and international spheres.

  6. Design and evaluate curricular projects according to the socio-educational needs to influence the improvement of educational programs.