Master in sciences of the education

Faculty of Education Sciences

The graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Education will develop the following competences:

  • Analyze, design, implement and evaluate educational systems.
  • Work with multidisciplinary groups.
  • Design educational campaigns.
  • Negotiate and design educational policies.
  • Make decisions and solve problems.
  • Engage in reasonable, tolerant and critical dialogues.
  • Think reflexively.
  • Develop research projects, capture information and present and prepare educational research reports.
  • Computing and computing.
  • Manage educational institutions.
  • The exercise of teaching.
  • For the understanding and translation of another language (Portuguese).

The student will demonstrate:

  • Social critical conscience.
  • Flexibility that allows you to adapt to different roles and environments.
  • Cultural openness, without discrimination of any kind.
  • Be a promoter of participatory and group values that consolidate development processes.
  • Congruent between thought and action.
  • Be professional ethically, in research projects and in their relationship with the environment.
  • Promote personal and social growth and development