Master in sciences of the education

Faculty of Education Sciences

The Bachelor of Education Sciences works in formal, non-formal, official and non-official organizations, entities and educational establishments and in all types of organizations or entities that carry out activities related to education, either in person or remotely. It is enabled to:

  • Participate in the definition of educational policies at different levels.
  • Prepare plans, programs and projects for the implementation of educational and cultural conceptions and policies.
  • Design, review, adjust and evaluate curricular proposals.
  • Plan, organize, conduct and evaluate institutional systems and educational services.
  • Develop and/or implement educational research designs, perform diagnostics and studies in different situations of the educational reality.
  • Structure, conduct and evaluate teaching-learning processes.
  • Plan to execute and evaluate teacher training, updating and improvement programs.
  • Provide educational advice to educational and community institutions.
  • Intervene in arbitrations, scores and all those legal activities in the educational field.
  • Produce and analyze technology resources.