Faculty of Dentistry


Specialty: Orthodontics
Awarding Title: Especialista en Ortodoncia con énfasis en Disfunción Temporo Mandibular

Promotion year: 2018-2021

Start of the group: 7 - June 2018
Culminate: May 2021

Hourly Load

Total: 1,236 hours clock
Total presence: 754hs. watch
Distributing in:
Methodology of research 32hs chair
Theory and laboratory practice 442 hs. Chair
Clinic about total distance patients: 384 hs chair
(practical work carried out outside normal class hours, seminars, cephalometric diagnostic expositions, treatment plan for patients, preparation of monographs)


Total: 36 monthly modules of 34 hours each chair

Class Schedule:
Friday: morning from 7.30 am. at 12.30 hs.
Friday: afternoon from 2:00 p.m. at 7:00 p.m. Saturday: morning from 7.30 pm. at 12.30 p.m.

Curricular mesh

Time discrimination of face-to-face classes Theoretical classes 23.5 hs clock for 32 modules Total 752hs. watch
Works on research methodology 8 hours per 4 modules Total 32 hours. watch
Pre-clinical or laboratory practical classes 12.5 hours per 12 modules Total 150 hours. watch
Classes of clinic, with patients for 12.5 hours clock for 24 modules Total 300 hours. watch

Discrimination hours at a distance

Practical work. Attendance to courses update (minimum 2 per year) Total 30 hours clock
Exhibition of cases, for the clinic, diagnosis, treatment planning, Total 354 hours clock
Remote tutoring
Time elapsed after the conclusion of the course for the presentation of research work at least 6 (six) months

Regularity Conditions

  • Approve of the theoretical evaluations and the performance in the clinical-practical work, presentation of finished cases and preparation of a thesis.
  • Attend at least 80% of the theoretical-practical activities of the Specialization Course.
  • Being up to date with the payment of the corresponding fees for the modules

Requirements to obtain the specialty

  • Have covered all the credits of the curriculum.
  • Perform a written terminal work that will deal with a clinical or research case approved by the Evaluation Committee of the Specialty.
  • Accredit the post-grade exam.

Number of professionals to be admitted

Minimum 10 (ten)
Maximum 15 (fifteen).


Enrollment Gs: 500,000
Cost per Gs modules 1,300,000


Perform the Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, and Apparatus of 5 patients discriminated in the following way

  • A patient with a mixed dentition of 7-11 years
  • A patient with permanent dentition young 12 to 18 years old
  • A patient with permanent adult teeth of more than 18 to 25 years
  • One or more former patients
  • One more patients with ATM problems

The student at the end of the course must submit a monograph on a topic of the program, which will be presented, so you will have to ask the Post Department. Degree, an examining board, and pay the fee corresponding to the Universidad Privada del Este, a fee set by the UNIVERSITY, amount that is not included in the course investment

Teaching staff

  • Prof.  Dr. Miguel Angel Rodríguez Berino
  • Prof.  Dra. Marta Díaz de Rodríguez
  • Coordinator: Dra. Marta Díaz de Rodríguez
  • National Speakers Invited to the course:
    • Mas.  Dra. Graciela Fretes
    • Mas.  Dra. Lida Galván de Sequiera
    • Mas.  Dra. Teresa V. de Amarilla
    • Mas.  Dra. Mirta Espínola de Gómez
    • Prof.  Dra.  Ana Raggio
    • Prof.  Dra. Ninfa Jacquet Toledo
    • Dra.  Graciela Mongelos
    • Dr.   Osvaldo Vera
  • Guest professors:
    •  Prof. Dr. Jorge Learreta (Argentina)
    •  Prof. Dr. Miguel Luces Leon (Argentina)
    •  Prof. Dra Fernanda Chinchurreta ( Argentina)
    •  Prof. Dr. Oscar Palmas (Argentina)
    •  Prof. Dra Marina Prates(Argentina)
    •  Prof. Dr. Edson Sucupira (Brasil)
    •  Prof. Dra Lidia Yavich (Brasil)