Faculty of Dentistry

Accredited Career by the ANEAES

Res. N° 250/2015
Validity: from 10/19/2015 to 10/19/2020

The Career of Dentistry Private University of the East is committed to the training of dentists capable of performing the profession with a high sense of social responsibility and comprehensive training in the field of oral health, as well as with the consolidation of ethical values that allow it to exercise leadership through research, analysis and reflection in all fields of dentistry, taking into account the socio-economic, cultural and political reality of the country as well as the international context.

The curricular structure of training of the Graduate Dentists of the University contemplates a compulsory fundamental formation constituted by cycles and areas of knowledge: the basic formation cycle includes: the areas of basic sciences, pre-clinical , clinical, complementary training.

The curriculum guides to integrate to the socio-occupational field competent dentists for the prevention and attention of oral health, with ethical values to intervene in the improvement of their environment with responsibility, and through the formulation and execution of research projects.

In this way the training offer of the degree in Dentistry, seeks to form dentists characterized by the strength of their knowledge, able to contribute to the oral health of the population according to the current reality, conscious of the importance of their training for the success of their professional activity.

The Career of Dentistry as an academic unit has been designed as a general objective to consolidate itself as the Institution of Advanced Higher Education within the Health Sciences at a National and Regional level, constituting its faculty, its students, administrative staff and its graduates its main strength.