Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

In the training process, the Environmental Engineering student will develop skills in:

  • Select, design and implement necessary technologies to prevent, control, minimize or remedy the damage and impacts on the environment caused by human activities.
  • Design plans, programs and strategies to solve the problem of pollution in industrial companies.
  • Formulate projects and develop consultancies for the public and private sector related to the control of air, soil and water pollution.
  • Plan, design and implement environmental management systems in search of sustainable development, optimizing processes and reducing costs.
  • Investigate and innovate in the creation of new technological systems and the development of best practices for the solution of environmental problems.
  • Manage the development of clean technologies that respond to the different environmental problems associated with economic activities that support national development.
  • Participate in the preparation of environmental studies, plans for environmental management and planning and territorial development.