Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

The professional graduated from the Study career, will be trained for the following fields of work.

  • In relation to agricultural, forestry and agroindustrial companies and organizations of agricultural producers and the environment, trade associations, commercial and industrial:
    • Plan them
    • Organize and reorganize them
    • Administer and manage them
    • Perform management control
    • Do an analysis and diagnosis
    • Advise them on crops of Forest Work Production.
  • In relation to the area in which the agricultural, forestry and agro-industrial companies operate, the environmentalists must be inserted.
    • Carry out studies and analyzes that can be used as a basis for agricultural and environmental policy planning.
    • Do extension tasks in the area of environmental management and ecosystem.
    • Do research and market studies.
  • In relation to university secondary teaching:
    • Dictate any of the specific chairs of Specialty in the field of Agroforestry.