Faculty of Administrative and Accounting Sciences

To train competitive professionals, capable of designing, establishing, applying and evaluating financial, fiscal and administrative information system for the decision making of local, national and international companies with an ethical, critical, entrepreneurial and leadership aptitude through research and the use of information and communication technology.

  • Design and evaluate information systems aimed at obtaining, checking and analyzing financial and administrative reports of the company, which will be useful to local, national and international users for decision making.
  • Provide tools and knowledge necessary for the student to develop, analyze and interpret financial reports and reports of the profession that allow a better accounting, financial, fiscal and administrative business advice.
  • Prepare the student so that he can issue professional opinions on the financial position of the independent and competent company.
  • Work as a team, coordinate working groups, exercise and delegate authority, solve problems and be an agent of change.
  • Promote the use of different computer systems to process and prepare accounting information for companies.
  • Provide knowledge on control measures and design of procedures to detect errors and deviations in the handling of data and accounting requirements.