Master in sciences of the education

Faculty of Education Sciences

Every academic program must respond to the expectations generated by society. Today, she demands from the Institutions of Higher Education changes and original contributions for social progress.

In this sense, the UPE -previous regional study of socio-cultural needs- designs new academic programs that contribute to the regional development of the institution and the individual progress of people who expect new professional options.

Aware of social and individual needs, presents to the university community the Bachelor of Science in Education, as a quality professional alternative for those interested in improving the educational conditions of our society and the country. This proposal was born as a result of the identification of problems in the field of education directly and indirectly linked to the creation of CONES and ANEAES, governing bodies for the quality of national higher education.

The Bachelor that we propose, responds to problems that to date other academic programs in education have not focused their attention, since it is proposed to venture into the immense archipelago of what is currently education. That is, propitiate the change in the current concept of Bachelor of Education, by a different and broader, where the correspondence with other disciplines enriches the educational and allows the graduate to discover all the interrelations of education with social, economic and cultural, and thus favor the graduates because it expands their future job opportunities.

Our proposal proposes qualitative changes for traditional bachelors degrees in education, which have been implemented regularly.